It’s all about Character

I was beginning to wonder if I was alone in thinking that SOME vegans are snobs. I enjoy reading through recipes and vegan blogs etc…but some of the comments people leave are hateful and harsh. My husband is definitely not a vegetarian/ vegan. I don’t force my daughter to follow my vegan choice. Because that’s just what it is…a choice. She will eat what my husband cooks and stuff I make too. Everyone has to make their own choices. Being a vegan that thinks their way is the “one and only” way and everyone else will just rot is like a faithful Christian looking down on someone because they chose a different faith. Spread the love and respect…if you even have the chance to share info on veganism no one will listen if you have a better than thou attitude. And it is not necessary to show them horrible, sad stories or pictures of animals being abused. Most of us already know what goes on. Do I like the treatment animals receive? No, not at all. Do I spend my day pouring over information and pics or video to give the “shock” factor and hope to convert someone? No, definitely not.
If I did that (even thinking of all the scary, evil things in the world people do to anyone, not just animals) my life would be miserable. I definitely want things to change in the world, but I do know what goes on, dwelling on it is so depressing and doesn’t help anything.
I’m not saying that joining informative, peaceful groups to promote a change isn’t a good thing. That’s a great thing to do actually! But spouting hate does not make you better than anyone. Everyone deserves respect as long as they give it. In my opinion A life is a Life. Do no Harm. I follow my belief and try to instill that idea in how my daughter handles stuff. I’m not forcing her. She may grow up and disagree. Of course I would be disappointed a bit, but I would never lash out at her. Everyone has a choice! So put on your grown up panties because not everyone agrees with you!