I think this video is pretty remarkable. It just goes to show you that animals so have emotions. In some ways it does
make me a bit sad. You can obviously tell the Gorilla is upset. And in my opinion is a another example of how so many people
fail to teach their kids to respect all life.
Even knowing quite a bit about apes it still amazes me about how incredibly “human” and “intense” his/her reaction is to the children.



The article speaks for itself basically. It saddens me, as always, that the respect for another life is becoming increasingly rare. When we start (or keep) thinking that human life is more valuable than any other living thing. And if we keep thinking that it is our right to “take” from the Earth, in excess, what we think we need without giving back to it. The Earth is our home, it provided us with what we needed to survive and thrive, so shouldn’t we do our best to respect it and give back to the Earth what it needs to survive. There is always a need for exploration, and the learning opportunities that it provides for us. Things like advancement in science are fine, but it is when we take more than we need, that trouble starts. Eventually…everything will be consumed, forced into extinction, and damaged beyond repair. It seems that a lot of people aren’t learning from their predecessors mistakes. Then it will hit them, like a bat to the face. Hindsight is 20/20.
I worry what will be around when my daughter is an adult, and maybe has children of her own, so on and so forth. How different will the world look?