Our World: Amazing Things

I was looking at  my daughter’s globe a few minutes ago. I was amazed at how many islands there are in general, let alone in the Polynesia, Micronesia area. And how many super small countries that are actually in Europe (which I have known before, but got hidden somewhere in my mind). Ones so small that they had to use numbers and a guide on the free space on the globe to list them. I always thought I was pretty good at geography, something that always interested me. But even I was blown away by how much more there is to this Earth than I realized. Makes me think how so many people aren’t aware of that and how many other cultures there are. We seem to get stuck in our own microcosm and are oblivious to the rest of the world (unless they are major news items of course). Always keep learning. Expand your mind


Where do you come from?

What about our world still amazes you?


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