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This is just awesome! Had to share!

Driftwood Sculptures



It’s the little things that make the biggest impact…

Regardless of the bad choices we have all made from time to time in our lives, the acknowledgement of those and the determination to change is always commendable.

Good luck with all the choices and changes you make in your lives gentlemen!

Virginia Jail’s Father/ Daughter Dance


Do you know your mission?

I have to admit two things, first, I cried watching this video. Not because I haven’t ever surfed nor because my life isn’t anywhere near that interesting, but because well…as a parent to see someone embrace your child (or anyone else’s) in an act of selflessness is a beautiful thing.  To know that there are people left in the world who do amazing work and don’t expect a penny. With all the negative being thrown at us on a daily basis it becomes overwhelming, a person can easily become jaded. Then you forget that there are people who care to bring life and positivity into your world, daily,  in any number of forms. And with a little digging they are not to hard too hard to find.

Second, I have no idea what my life “mission” is aside from being a mother. I believe everyone has a mission other than parenthood (which in itself is the most difficult mission anyone can have), I just haven’t pinpointed it yet.

I have been blessed with having an intelligent, creative, talented child. I do not take that for granted. Besides the typical behavioral problems a lot of children have (or seem to) and a severe allergic reaction to fire ant stings, she is really quite normal. I am also, in no way, under the impression that she received any of those qualities from me. Saying that I do have some experience with children with disabilities, obstacles, just not on a day-to-day first hand kind of basis. If that makes any sense. Basically within my extended family. So I know how important people like the ones in the following article are.

Kudos to ‘Surfers Healing!’



I think this video is pretty remarkable. It just goes to show you that animals so have emotions. In some ways it does
make me a bit sad. You can obviously tell the Gorilla is upset. And in my opinion is a another example of how so many people
fail to teach their kids to respect all life.
Even knowing quite a bit about apes it still amazes me about how incredibly “human” and “intense” his/her reaction is to the children.


one reason to make and eat your own Homemade Food!

I’m trying to enforce the fact, to my daughter, that processed foods are very unhealthy for you. I don’t try to get my point across by “scaring” her into making better choices. I don’t fill in the details of the food process. She knows that the animal has to die to get the meat, but I am in no way going to horrify her with the details! I guess it boils down to Leading By Example.
I make everything homemade (even dog shampoo) from fresh ingredients, organic if possible. If I can’t get them organic I always use an all natural fruit/ veggie cleaner (usually made myself).
Going vegan after being a vegetarian for 12 years was a great decision (I think, my husband as usual thinks I’m crazy). My skin has cleared up immensely and I’ve lost about 20 pounds.

anyway here is the link