Hey there! I am Jenny.

This is my first time blogging so if things seem disconnected and random they probably are. Bear with me as I learn my way around.

Who am I?
Thats a good question. I suppose I am like many. A unique, one of a kind, crazy, haphazardly searching, full of opinions, continually learning person.

In general, I am a 30 something, mother, daughter, wife etc…
Typical all-American girl
Vehement about human and animal rights
Some might call me a hippy or hippy-like
On a quest to learn about the world and those in it (however fascinating or scary it may be)
Doing my best to raise a compassionate, knowledgeable, helpful, strong, independant child (yes, only one)
Trying to better myself in order to better the world

I suppose I could go on and on describing my self, but I feel my posts and pics and other ramblings will give you an idea of what I am about.
Peruse on!


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