Do you know your mission?

I have to admit two things, first, I cried watching this video. Not because I haven’t ever surfed nor because my life isn’t anywhere near that interesting, but because well…as a parent to see someone embrace your child (or anyone else’s) in an act of selflessness is a beautiful thing.  To know that there are people left in the world who do amazing work and don’t expect a penny. With all the negative being thrown at us on a daily basis it becomes overwhelming, a person can easily become jaded. Then you forget that there are people who care to bring life and positivity into your world, daily,  in any number of forms. And with a little digging they are not to hard too hard to find.

Second, I have no idea what my life “mission” is aside from being a mother. I believe everyone has a mission other than parenthood (which in itself is the most difficult mission anyone can have), I just haven’t pinpointed it yet.

I have been blessed with having an intelligent, creative, talented child. I do not take that for granted. Besides the typical behavioral problems a lot of children have (or seem to) and a severe allergic reaction to fire ant stings, she is really quite normal. I am also, in no way, under the impression that she received any of those qualities from me. Saying that I do have some experience with children with disabilities, obstacles, just not on a day-to-day first hand kind of basis. If that makes any sense. Basically within my extended family. So I know how important people like the ones in the following article are.

Kudos to ‘Surfers Healing!’


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