one reason to make and eat your own Homemade Food!

I’m trying to enforce the fact, to my daughter, that processed foods are very unhealthy for you. I don’t try to get my point across by “scaring” her into making better choices. I don’t fill in the details of the food process. She knows that the animal has to die to get the meat, but I am in no way going to horrify her with the details! I guess it boils down to Leading By Example.
I make everything homemade (even dog shampoo) from fresh ingredients, organic if possible. If I can’t get them organic I always use an all natural fruit/ veggie cleaner (usually made myself).
Going vegan after being a vegetarian for 12 years was a great decision (I think, my husband as usual thinks I’m crazy). My skin has cleared up immensely and I’ve lost about 20 pounds.

anyway here is the link


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