Food for Thought, or, Cannon Fodder

*note-my experience with war is second-hand. My opinion reflects only what I know*

I came across this article today (link below). I found it really interesting, and the comments and responses even more interesting.  It’s hard for me to pin down where I fall in this “debate.”   I value human (and animal) life. I also believing in defending yourself.

However, I feel under NO circumstance should someone find it their right to kill for fun or boredom. If you have to defend yourself or someone else that is actively being abused, then defend, even if it means your only option is to kill.

And yet, as the wife of a military man, I know (to some extent) what goes on while they are fighting a war. By all means, I am not saying the Military (all branches of the military) doesn’t have it’s dirty little secrets. I am sure that there is soooo much more information that they have that isn’t disclosed to the general public. Many more soldiers have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) than the military wants to admit.

As some of the comments (listed below the original article) state. The military sends men and women to war when they are still, essentially, children. Unable to process things, actions, they do and can not fully understand the consequences. I find that a valid statement.  As I am now an adult I can look back on past choices, and as they say, Hindsight is 20/20. Being put to war or in any other extreme environment we can’t blame teenagers for their lack to comprehend certain things.

The article leads the reader to assume that the guilty soldiers were simply disappointed and bored with their given jobs in Afghanistan. And that they Purposely (without any reason such as defending themselves) went out in to the community/ ies and randomly killed UnArmed, civilians.

War, when actively engaged in can mess with a person’s mind, and impair their thinking. To an extent. No matter who you are, or what you are being told, you still have core values that you were raised with. Assuming that those are good values, such as the respect for human life, empathy, and respect etc…  I feel those values should nudge you in the ribs so to speak, when you have a conflicting decision to make.

Maybe after a while those good values get pushed so far back in the mind when you are in certain ongoing situations. I am not saying that our enemies in the war have clean hands. Not at all. I guess I’m left with the end result that those guilty of the crimes show no remorse, compassion,and no respect for others (they even admit to it) deserve to be punished. Peer pressure isn’t always a good excuse.

Make your own opinion, I just thought I would share!


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