the afternoon

Here again roaming around wordpress. I’ve looked at a few other blogs that might interest me and I am left feeling, less than adequit, when it comes to expressing myself and sounding educated, informed and knowledgeable. Its one of the things I struggle with. Comparing myself to others. Logically I know (am aware) that everyone is different and has something to contribute to the world. It’s when emotions and doubt creep in that  you end up in a pity party.

I was left thinking that my blog was too general, random. That it didn’t have enough cohesiveness. That people would get confused (if in fact anyone actually visited me here) and bored. But I can’t think that. That isn’t who I am.  So many things make me who I am. Not one thing can define a person.  I am random, not as focused as I should be, interested in so many things that I have to make a list of stuff I wanted to look at (read, research).  And I want to share that. Maybe I will come across someone who has a similar interest/s. Or maybe differing ones that want to banter(Maturely).

So even though I am thirty something I guess I am still learning and trying to figure out who I am.

I believe that you should never stop learning, no matter how old you become. There are too many interesting things out there.


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