Patchwork day

I was feeling rather overwhelmed and down this morning. Feeling like I couldn’t keep up with what needed to be done, from mental musings to tidying up the house. Then I checked my voicemail from the day before that I had forgotten to read. Much to my surprise it was good news!
Around December a stray cat found its way to our door step (this happens a lot with dogs and cats…they must know I love animals, lol). He had a runny eye and a messed up little nose, practically only having one working nostril. He got a few minutes of love from me and some food from my husband before I had to head to bed.
The next morning he was back at our porch. My daughter saw him and was playing with him and giving him lots of love. While she was back in the house getting ready and my gathering her things for the day, the cat sat on the ledge under the window and persistently meowed…he was very vocal. I, of course, would have let him in if it were up to me. But we already have 2 cats and a dog and my husband isn’t a big fan of cats especially (much to my dismay I didn’t find out till after we moved in together, I already had two cats of my own and he would pet them and give them attention, so there really wasn’t any sign of it. It’s funny how people can change once they’ve lured you in).
Everyone was ready to go so we get in the car, start to buckle up and such. The kitty kept following us, he is simply too sweet. I got out the car a few times to put him in the yard, but he kept beating me back to the car. We really had to get a move on it so we wouldn’t be late. I started the car, knowing that kitty was somewhere near. I couldn’t see him because our vehicle sits up high. I took my foot off of the break and let the car mumble forward as slow as it could go. And yes, I hit the cat. Well partially ran over him is more accurate. Once I heard his scream I hauled it into reverse, jumped out of the car and ran over to him (as he had “run” across the street to safety). He was terrified, but I wrapped him in a sweatshirt that was in the car and handed him to my daughter. Going as fast as I could to the nearest vet which was less than a 1/8 of a mile away and on the same route to the school. I didn’t care if we were late.
The vet took him in to be cared for and find out what was wrong. I couldn’t just leave him to suffer. I left and got my daughter to school.
Later in the day they called and gave me an update. Kitty was alive, but his pelvis had been broken. 😦
I felt awful. How could I have done this?
He stayed with them for a few nights, to see if he would eat and use the bathroom properly. I was told that often times injuries like that would heal on their own. Things were looking up the second night although he was in a lot of pain (completely understandable). I brought him home (over $300 later) along with some pain meds. He stayed in my daughter’s room so he would have peace and quiet away from the other animals. I slept in there with him for the first three nights. I made sure to get up every few hours to give him a bit to eat and put him in the potty box to do his business, to which he did not object to. After that I brought him downstairs (he was still huddled up in the carrier) to get him used to people again and love on him and to coax him out of his depression (again totally understandable). I Finally got him to take some water. I kept putting drops on his nose until he licked them off…repeat and repeat some more. I knew if didn’t start drinking water again he wouldn’t last long. My persistence paid off. Every day he got a bit better. I would bring him out of his little hovel, love on him and to try to lift his spirits. I kept tempting him to play without much success. Slowly but surely, over a few weeks, he was back to his old self. He had a funny walk as one of his legs was a bit crooked, but he got around just fine. First walking, then running and finally jumping. My daughter and I loved him. He was such a sweet silly boy, at first named Mr. Liono Fluffypants, but later, somehow we started calling him Kee-Kee. Kee-Kee was so funny and loving. My daughter practically carried him everywhere and they cuddled during the night. It was sooo sweet! After a while he wanted to roam back outside. From then on, he would come in and out several times a day, politely scratching at the door. Perhaps, persistently is a better word.
He stayed almost two months before my husband said he had to go since we weren’t planning on keeping him anyway. And the housing office came and told me to take him to the shelter. He couldn’t be running around outside. He loved playing with the kids even if the picked him up like a doll. But they pushed me to get rid of him (take him to the shelter). I flat-out told the lady that it wasn’t going to happen. It was a kill shelter, and seeing as he had a boo boo eye and some weird little nose they wouldn’t have thought twice about putting him down. I was Not going to let that happen.
So after emailing 20 different No- kill shelters in the state, one had enough room to take him. They were 2 and a half hours away, but it didn’t matter to me. I wanted him to be loved.
Fast forward to this morning when I found out that he had been adopted! After being neutered, and treated for a respiratory infection he was ready to find a home. He tested negative for Feline leukemia and feline aids which we were all praying for. And his awkward looking nose and eye turned out to be a birth defect. So no harm there.
At first when I took him to the no-kill shelter my daughter was very sad, I tried to explain it the best I could of course, but she is only 8 after all. All she knew was that he was her buddy and snuggle buddy at that.
It makes me VERY happy he found a new loving home. I am sure he will make them laugh every day just like he did me. And most of all he get the forever home he deserves. I’m sure they will love him as much as he does them!!!!

Whew…thats it. That is what made my day. It might have been a bit long-winded so sorry about that. But that is the story of Kee-Kee (or whatever his new family calls him). I know I did the right thing and it turns out that is Worldwide Pay It Forward day! Coincidence? I think not! 😉

Support your local No-Kill Animal Rescues! Every animal deserves to be loved and find a forever home!!



The article speaks for itself basically. It saddens me, as always, that the respect for another life is becoming increasingly rare. When we start (or keep) thinking that human life is more valuable than any other living thing. And if we keep thinking that it is our right to “take” from the Earth, in excess, what we think we need without giving back to it. The Earth is our home, it provided us with what we needed to survive and thrive, so shouldn’t we do our best to respect it and give back to the Earth what it needs to survive. There is always a need for exploration, and the learning opportunities that it provides for us. Things like advancement in science are fine, but it is when we take more than we need, that trouble starts. Eventually…everything will be consumed, forced into extinction, and damaged beyond repair. It seems that a lot of people aren’t learning from their predecessors mistakes. Then it will hit them, like a bat to the face. Hindsight is 20/20.
I worry what will be around when my daughter is an adult, and maybe has children of her own, so on and so forth. How different will the world look?

Food for Thought, or, Cannon Fodder

*note-my experience with war is second-hand. My opinion reflects only what I know*

I came across this article today (link below). I found it really interesting, and the comments and responses even more interesting.  It’s hard for me to pin down where I fall in this “debate.”   I value human (and animal) life. I also believing in defending yourself.

However, I feel under NO circumstance should someone find it their right to kill for fun or boredom. If you have to defend yourself or someone else that is actively being abused, then defend, even if it means your only option is to kill.

And yet, as the wife of a military man, I know (to some extent) what goes on while they are fighting a war. By all means, I am not saying the Military (all branches of the military) doesn’t have it’s dirty little secrets. I am sure that there is soooo much more information that they have that isn’t disclosed to the general public. Many more soldiers have PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) than the military wants to admit.

As some of the comments (listed below the original article) state. The military sends men and women to war when they are still, essentially, children. Unable to process things, actions, they do and can not fully understand the consequences. I find that a valid statement.  As I am now an adult I can look back on past choices, and as they say, Hindsight is 20/20. Being put to war or in any other extreme environment we can’t blame teenagers for their lack to comprehend certain things.

The article leads the reader to assume that the guilty soldiers were simply disappointed and bored with their given jobs in Afghanistan. And that they Purposely (without any reason such as defending themselves) went out in to the community/ ies and randomly killed UnArmed, civilians.

War, when actively engaged in can mess with a person’s mind, and impair their thinking. To an extent. No matter who you are, or what you are being told, you still have core values that you were raised with. Assuming that those are good values, such as the respect for human life, empathy, and respect etc…  I feel those values should nudge you in the ribs so to speak, when you have a conflicting decision to make.

Maybe after a while those good values get pushed so far back in the mind when you are in certain ongoing situations. I am not saying that our enemies in the war have clean hands. Not at all. I guess I’m left with the end result that those guilty of the crimes show no remorse, compassion,and no respect for others (they even admit to it) deserve to be punished. Peer pressure isn’t always a good excuse.

Make your own opinion, I just thought I would share!

views and how overwhelming they can be

This post is of my opinion. If you disagree that’s ok. I am just stating my experience.

For several years now I have considered myself a “gnostic” christian.  The beliefs I held were more in-line with the gnostic religious view than a formal christian line of thinking.
My feelings haven’t changed. But I have thought a lot about it and have done some research or tried to find my own answers.

To some this may sound crazy, but I first learned of gnosticism through the psychic and spiritual advisor, Sylvia Browne. So many opinions about her and her “patched together views on religion”. Some adore her and of course the opposite, those who think she is a hack, hoodwinking poor innocent people reaching for some meaning in their lives.

So why bring that up? What does that have to do with you and gnosticism? For me I somehow stumbled across the site of Novus Spiritus. I have no idea what I was looking for at the time and how I ended up there. I continued reading the links there and I was amazed. Someone was writing down the feelings and beliefs I held. The ones I kept inside because no one would understand. or so I thought. I think it started back in sunday school around the time I was in high school. I had all these questions that the sunday school teachers and preacher couldn’t answer. In fact one of them came up to my Dad and said I would be  a good philosopher. As I got older my own views and  questions about God and the role churches/ congregations in society progressed. Every once in a while I would find someone who didn’t mind listening and discussing it, whether they agreed or not. It was refreshing to say the least. But I still kept most of my views to myself. The views that I knew would surely upset some family members. Seeing as how I was practically raised in the church I knew my views wouldn’t go over well. Even so my beliefs grew and made sense to me. Much to the disappointment of some of my family. I started coming into my own. Perhaps it was a little late being in college and all. No one ever told me to form my own opinions. Yes I was told to be a strong independent woman, but Whether I realized it at the time, and whether those who raised me realized the message they were sending of this is how it is and will alway be.  I just went with what I was told to do. What is right and what is wrong, and up and down; so on and so forth. I don’t know when it happened, my own perceptions on the world started slowly squeezing their way into the forefront of my consciousness, but they did. And though no one came out and directly said I was wrong, I could sense that they were upset and confused. Almost like they were surprised  that I had a mind of my own.

Those questions I had since I was a child, the ones that no one could answer, started forming a union in my mind. Getting back to the topic of finding Novus Spiritus. What I was reading, to my amazement and relief, spoke to all I had believed. The beliefs that I mentioned before. It made sense. My became calm. I was relieved because I now knew that I wasn’t alone. That I wasn’t crazy.

As I was trying to see how the views of Novus Spiritus (a church formed by Sylvia Browne) really related to the gnosticism I was reading about. I didn’t understand because gnosticism which predated christianity didn’t seem to align with what they were saying about it on their website. What I got from it is that the “sect” called gnosticism has evolved with time. The term and view, gnosis, remains the same. It applies to both ancient and modern gnosticism.

Looking over the bad comments about Sylvia and her church, I saw a pattern of those who thought she should be stopped. That she was a crackpot who formed an occult. BUT, I thought to myself. How could she be poisoning our minds, controlling us? When one of the very first things I read about her and her organization was that all religions are welcome and that you take from it what you want. Meaning if something doesn’t make sense to you  then let it be. Its fine if you don’t. You are not being judged. Basically, Take what you want…and leave the rest.

That doesn’t sound like brainwashing to me. Her and her followers views aren’t being shoved down my throat. As far as I am concerned, I don’t know if her abilities are real or fake. Or if she is really out there to rip people off.  The only thing I know for sure, is that it makes sense to me. All of my opinions and personal experiences just connected with the message that she was voicing.

I think when you find that connection with a belief system you will know it in an instant. Everything you know and believe will add up…it will make sense. And it doesn’t matter what religion you are or think you should be. It will hold true to your mind and more importantly to your heart. Of course there are creepy people out there who aim to control others for their own intentions. I think you can spot someone who is pretending to be holy and is forming a cult by what they do, their actions. If they force feed you a belief and claim it as the only way, or ostracize you from friends and family or the world in general. Then you should be worried. Because a sincere, kind-hearted person, doesn’t have a problem with you asking questions and accepts you even if you have doubts.

Maybe you have already found what you have searched for. But if not. Don’t give up. You will find what message speaks to you. It just takes longer for some then others…as with all things in this world.

I am obviously not an expert. And in no way I am trying to convince others that this is the only way to salvation.